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All-time Player Registry

Complete List Alphabetical from last name Abbott - Zuidema

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Family Tradition

Family Name

9 - Chittle

9 - Fuerth 

5 - Gagnon

5 - O'Neil

5- Miller *

4 - Flood 

4 - Chevalier

Father & Son

Warren & Wyatt O'Neil 

Brad & Nathan Brown

Roger & Adam Gaiarin

Randy & Ryan Schuchard

Ed & Brock Grandbois

Sean, Cavan & Cael McCabe

* 5 played for the 73's and additionally, Scott Miller was General Manager for 6 years; from 2011-12 thru 2016-17. Scott is the only 73's general manager to win the league title and advance to OHA's 6 times. He did it all 6 years he was general manager of the 73's.

Includes those who played as affiliated players.

Did you know?

Brian Hills

Scored 7 goals vs Tilbury on Dec. 30, 1977 in an Essex 26-0 win. The score was the largest number of goals the 73's ever scored in one game. The 7 goals are assumed to be a club record but not verified.

Tony Gardonio

Scored 1 goal and assisted on 8 others vs Blenheim on Jan. 19, 1982 in an Essex 21-0 win. The 9 points are assumed to be a club record, shared with Dave Anthony, but not verified.

Dave Anthony

Scored 5 goals and assisted on 4 others vs Wallaceburg in a game in 1981. The 9 points are assumed to be a club record, shared with Tony Gardonio, but not verified.

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